Bay Area's Exclusive Portrait Photographer

Bay Area's Exclusive Portrait PhotographerBay Area's Exclusive Portrait PhotographerBay Area's Exclusive Portrait Photographer

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust




The Beginning


As a shy girl growing up in a small town in Australia, photography became my way of connecting with another. It soon became clear, that it also had the power to capture that special moment in time, or the personality of its subject. For me this was magic.



I have always gravitated toward beauty, which I see in the precise moment where a truth is revealed. Capturing this truth, this authenticity when the heart skips a beat gives my work deep meaning. By holding space for people, holding still, and patiently waiting, I allow my subjects to drop their guard so the truth can shine through. This can take the form of elation or aching sadness, of longing or desire. It can illuminate the dynamics of a family in a way that is unspoken. In seeking the truth, I am able to capture an essence, rather than simply reflecting an external expression or gaze



Everything I do informs everything else. As a yoga teacher, I find that both the practices of yoga and portrait photographer allow me to nurture my inherent stillness, patience, and desire to observe rather than perform. Practicing these common threads throughout my life feels whole, and allows me to continue cultivating the truth in each moment. 

I believe that if you look closely, you can see the beauty and awe in everything. Seeing the imperfections in the perfect and perfect in the imperfections is how I like to live.

If this is all you ever know about me, it is enough to say you know me very well.

Keep smiling

Mari ~


Click, a moment in time, never to be relived has been captured through the power of photography ~ Unknown


"Our family photographs continue to get endless compliments. Our photographer Marilyn Isaac Photography has a special way of capturing the natural light in the great outdoors. This was really important to us because a stiff studio setting did not reflect our family's style. Her profile pictures are mesmerizing because she has a way of using her camera to capture the essence of the soul through the eyes. I knew she was the one that we had to work with."

Dina Ramaha

Yoga Teacher / Therapist

"Marilyn took the time to learn about me prior to our photo session. She met with me in person, and I found her to be very personable, warm, and sensitive. Being that I am somewhat camera shy, I knew after meeting her that I would feel comfortable having her take my pictures. The results were amazing! I would definitely use Marilyn's services again. She is highly skilled at photography and is very professional. She was prompt every time we met and in providing the pictures. Also, I appreciated how "present" she was during every photo session."

Rebecca D

"Marilyn is great to work with because both her process and product are terrific.  We selected her for a family photo session with participants ranging from our 95-year-old grandmother to our 17-year-old daughter.   Marilyn put everyone at ease with her patience, care, kindness, and good humor.  She took her time and helped everyone look their best.  That would all be great by itself but we also were really thrilled with how the photos came out.  We know that they will always be important and happy reminders of this time we spent together as a family."

Jonathan and Rebecca

“We had the extraordinary experience and privilege of having Marilyn Isaac photograph our lawyers and paralegals for our website ( Lawyers are notorious for posting predictable lawyer photos, i.e. posing in front of law books, reading a law book, holding eyewear as if making a serious point, or, even worse serious, non-descript, almost mug-shot-like, black and white headshots. We hired Marilyn to specifically avoid the overused, unoriginal and tired lawyer photos and to thoughtfully capture the personality of our people and our firm in a more natural, non-legal setting. Her creativity and remarkable ability to connect with people clearly shown through in the results. We love the photos and feel that they significantly contribute to distinguishing our firm from the rest of the legal world. She is a brilliant photographer."

Thomas E. Fraysse

Managing Partner

 “Miss Marilyn is beautiful inside and out. She is awake to the divinity in each one of us and is, therefore, able to capture that vibrant unique glow of each person. She loves deeply and it shows in every click of her photos. She is beyond professional and goes above and beyond what is customary for delivering photographs. She is my go-to photographer for all of my teaching and projects. I recommend her with my whole heart. She is a blessing to me and all who come in contact with her."

Melanie Salvatore August


 Teacher Trainer | Mentor Teacher | Prenatal Yoga Birthing Coach

CTA- Yoga-based Life Coach | Author | Transformation Speaker

 “Marilyn is so professional and easy to work with. She’s also a beautiful and kind soul.......The photos were amazing and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone interested in getting professional, yet beautiful pictures of themselves. She captures the essence of who you are brilliantly. I’m so happy with the pictures and they’ve worked so perfectly for what I needed them for. Thank you so much, Marilyn. You are truly a gem”

Dr. Christine D'Alessandro